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From Mako and Pyrgos to Berlinale, with Roland Ferge!

It’s been almost ten years from the first day that we met Roland Ferge for the first time, in his hometown in Mako. A small town in the south of Hungary.

He was a fifteen year- old shy boy but with great love for cinema and cameras. He was member of Kálmán’s Czibolya team, an experienced cameraman and director, who organizes film workshops for youngsters and also Zoom to Europe Film  Festival.

Along with Kalman and some others youngsters from Hungary, Roland has repeatedly visited Greece and Olympia Film Festival. By participating in Camera Zizanio with his films and also attending film workshops and many other parallel events… slowly revealing his talent.

As a natural progression of the above course of action, was his decision to follow the path of professional filmmaking. He studied at the Film Academy in Budapest…

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