wineries near katakolon


Domaine Mercouri

(3 km  –  approx. 10 mins  from Katakalon)


The setting of this boutique winery is incredible; near the sea in a setting which has been officially recognized by the Greek government as an area of outstanding beauty. Take your time to stroll around.

boutique winery near katakolon

Domaine Mercouri

The old family house is a little spooky and is inhabited by a 95-year-old woman and her housekeeper. You can visit the old stables, which are filled with antique farm equipment and the wine cellars with the French oak barrels.

mercouri estate

old family house

Take a picture of the very small family church and pet the dogs (the huge St Bernard dog is Lara, she’s very drooly and that’s why she is behind a fence). It is part vineyard and part zoo since there are numerous peacocks, turtles, cats and their most recent acquisitions are the little Skyrian horses, a Greek breed.

greek horse breed

Skyrian horses

The estate grows more than 15 varieties of grape of both Greek and international origin, from which the wines are produced.
In addition to the production of wines and olive oil, the Mercouri Estate also welcomes large and small parties of friends of nature and wine. Tours allow for the possibility to visit the wine production facilities, vineyards and olive groves of the estate, as well as the small folklore museum which houses a collection of old rural tools and instruments. Guests are also permitted to walk among the trees and to the beach and come into contact with the beautiful nature that surrounds the estate. Tours end with a sampling of products from the estate under old pine trees, with a view of the Ionian Sea and the island of Zante and the possibility for guests to purchase Mercury estate products.
The Mercouri Estate is open daily (except Sundays) between the hours of 09.00 and 15.00

mercouri estate

peacocks on the estate

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