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Ancient Platiana (Tipaneai or Aipy)

(37.57 km – approx. 45 mins from Katakolon)

The remains of the ancient city (Tipaneai or Aipy) are located on a hill of the Lapitha Mountain, South of the village called Platiana (district of Olympia). This fortified, oblong city (max length: 600m, width: 200 m) is surrounded my walls, which probably date to the 4th or 3rd century BC and are preserved in quite good condition (reaching 5m in height in some places). Three large gates are set in the North-West, South-West and East side of the walls-the latter being the main gate. There are also several square or trapezoidal defensive towers. The walls are built of large blocks in polygonal masonry.

ancient Tipaneai or ancient Aipy

Ancient Platiana

One of the terraces is occupied by the theatre, whose stage-building and cavea are partially preserved. On the other terraces one can see: a) the “Acropolis”, b) the “Agora” with a large cistern carved in the natural limestone rock, c) the retaining wall of the “Temple”. In the East part of the city are the foundations of several different buildings, which may be houses of distinguished persons of the city.

plan ancient platiana

General plan

Systematic works at the acropolis were conducted during 2002-2003 by the 7th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.