(77.74 km – approx. 1 hr and 30 mins from Katakolon)

Andritsaina is an attractive village. It is beautifully situated on elevated ground (765m) facing northwest and watered by a mountain stream. Make a stop here before visiting the remote Temple of Epicurian Apollo at Bassae, 6 km south of Andritsaina.

This village has striking old mansions, cobblestone streets, a square which is surrounded by tall trees and a magnificent view. The fountain in the square (I Trani Vrysi) is the Peloponnese’s oldest fountain, built in 1724. The famous Nikolopouleios library was founded in 1840 from donations of the humanist Agathofron Nikolopoulos, whose family came from Andritsaina. Its collection comprises rare 16th-17th-century manuscripts, in Greek and in foreign languages, important documents from the period of the Greek War of Independence and rich folklore material.

traditional greek village

Andritsaina village



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