Stemnitsa village


(114.80 km – approx. 2 hrs from Katakolon)

Stemnitsa is one of the most beautiful Arcadian villages, both in location and architecture. Along with Dimitsana, it is a listed site: officially nothing can be built or altered without government permission.

Have a coffee at the central square (plateia) and explore the narrow alleys to find the many churches and chapels dating back to the 16th and 17th century. Stemnitsa was a centre of mealwork and jewellery in the 19th century: Check to see whether the jewellery school in the former schoolhouse is open and have a look!

If you have more time, don’t miss visiting The Monastery of John the Baptist which is approx. 7 kilometres from the village.


traditional greek village

Stemnitsa village


3 thoughts on “Stemnitsa”

  1. Stemnitsa is really one of the most beautiful Arcadian villages, as well as other neighbour villages like Dimitsana and Vytina!

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