4 Reasons Why Olympia is the Best Vacation for Kids


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Sea, sun, fun, great legends and fantastic food make happy family vacations! Olympia is the perfect holiday destination for families with kids as it is both educational and fun. The famous Greek myths, the heart-warming hospitality, the crystal-clear sea, the endless sandy beaches and the mouth-watering food are just a few reasons why Olympia is the best vacation for kids.




1. Children love Greek myths


Just about every kid has either read or at least heard of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians adventure and mythological fiction books! Well, here in Olympia the young ones can make their myth come alive as they run the Olympic track where Hercules first participated and even make their own olive wreaths and challenge each other for the crown!



2. The locals love children


Traveling with children is your passport to excellent service and affection, if they can withstand their cheeks being pinched by everyone they meet! Greek people love children and are always offering them some kind of yummy treat.



3. Safe, clean beaches


The clear, shallow water and sandy beaches are perfect for children. The beaches near Olympia are ideal for families since the waters are crystal clear and thus have been awarded the Blue Flag, a voluntary Eco-label given to clean beaches that are also safe.



4. Greek fast food, but not junk food


Last but not least, kids absolute love Greek souvlaki! Souvlaki wraps may be fast, but they are definitely not junk. Let’s not forget the Greek salads – straight from the garden, and the fruit – straight from the tree. And after all this healthy food, all you can eat ice-cream!


Olympia is the best vacation for kids! Book a fun-filled Ancient Olympia & Beach Fun for Kids tour, ideal for families with children and enjoy all the ingredients which make learning fun!

Olympia Tours by Locals


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Meeting Elena turned out to be incredibly enlightening and entertaining at the same time. As a certified tour guide and archaeologist, no one knows more about Olympia than her. She tells thought-provoking stories and is most passionate about her job.



Meet Elena

Hi, I’m Elena Aggeli. I was born in Athens, the capital of Greece, and moved to the area about 12 years ago. After finishing my studies in Greek Archaeology at the University of Giannina, I enrolled in the Public School of Tourist Guides. I speak fluent English, Spanish and Greek and or more than a decade, I have spent my time on archaeological research and tourism.

What is your job?

I work as a certified tour guide here in the Olympia region all year round and have the pleasure of presenting this incredible place to foreigners and locals alike. I provide visitors with all the necessary guidelines and help them plan their travel itinerary according to their needs and preferences.

How would you describe Olympia?

In Greece, we have a saying, “Up on Mount Olympus, the Gods used to live. And down here in Olympia, the Gods used to play”. So, welcome to the playground of the Gods, welcome to Olympia – the birthplace of the Olympics!


Where do you live?

I live in Pyrgos, a small town about 18 kilometers from Olympia. Pyrgos is also 13 kilometers from Katakolon Port where major cruise ships dock in order to visit the Archaeological Site and Museum in Olympia, and not only.

What do you love most about your work?

That I have the good fortune to live and work in place of unique natural beauty. A place that, although in ruins, still remains alive through its Olympic spirit which unites the peoples and urges us to come together in world peace.


Where do you go on your day off?

The ultimate locations for me are the local beaches, the unknown side of the area. When we think of Olympia, we tend to think about ancient sites and museums. However, the region offers a combination of both ruins and a spectacular endless coastline of sandy and rocky beaches and isolated coves.


What is the difference between a certified guide and a guide who is not certified?

Here in Greece, you need to be a university degree holder in History/Archaeology/Arts and then attend a 2-month seminar for tour guides in order to become certified. Only certified tour guides, or tourist guides, by the Greek Ministry of Tourism may conduct tours within archaeological sites and museums. We, as licensed guides, can be recognized by the badge we have to wear when on duty.

Can you name a few reasons why someone should book a certified guide?

Travelers have access to things that they would not be aware of otherwise. They learn about culture in-depth from an insider. They also have the flexibility to change their travel plans and to set up priorities. They can cover more places, especially when the have very little time, as is the case for cruisers. Tour guides know the ins-and-outs away from crowded places. And these are just to name a few!


Uncover the past and present with a local. Discover the world of Olympia with Elena, the Olympia insider!



Open Doors 2017


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Mercouri Estate

In the framework of the annual “Open Doors“, Merkouri Estate will be open on Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th May 2017 from 11am to 7pm in the afternoon to welcome friends of wine.

On Sunday May 28, at 12 noon, the International Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People will be organizing, in cooperation with the Merkouri Estate, an event at the winery where the first volume of the series on the folk song by Pantelis Boukala, a reputable journalist and writer, will be presented.

Epitalio: 10 Ways to See All of Greece in Just One Village


Do you want to see all of Greece in one village from the Age of Homer until today? Come to Epitalio, known as Thryon during the Mycenaean Age. Later, during the Greek War of Independence in 1821, as Agoulinitsa – named after the region’s exquisite wetlands – it heroically fought bloody battles against the Ottoman Turks. Through two world wars and post-war civil strife, victories continued for the picturesque Peloponnesian town that has been especially endowed by nature.


Built on the verdant slope of Dardiza where the 110km long Alfeios River forms its delta, it is part of the Natura 2000 network. The river flows to the coast where loggerhead turtles once laid their eggs in the golden sand. These days, however, all you’ll find are ramshackle huts, built illegally in just one summer’s night. In winter, waves reclaim the beach, getting their revenge. What’s left are images of…

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Last Call for Entries!



Camera Zizanio

Last call_CARD_15x10


There’s only two weeks left to submit your films to the 15th edition of Camera Zizanio, the European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation. The deadline is, October 10.

Don’t miss your chance to enter your films this year!

In order to submit your work go:
Greek sectionHERE
International /European SectionHERE

15th Camera Zizanio will be held in Pyrgos, Greece, along with the 18th Olympia International Film Festival of Children and Young People
From November 28 to December 5

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Ktima Kantri


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ktima-kantri-leventochoriKantris is the last name of the owner of this traditional Greek taverna. It is a suitable name since the tavern is situated in the “kantriside” (countryside) surrounding the picturesque village of Leventochori, near Katakolon.

Experience Greek hospitality in this shady ranch-like looking Greek taverna. Open all day, Ktima Kantri is the perfect place to enjoy the owner’s catch of the day after a long day or night in the sea, since Petros, the owner, delivers his “catch of the day” daily. If you are not a “fish person”, apart from grilled fish, Petros’ wife Giota will spoil your taste buds with grilled meat of outstanding quality, Greek pies and homemade bread.

All fruits, vegetables and salads served are grown by the family in their vegetable garden.

Leventochori (Greek: Λεβεντοχώρι) is a village in the municipality of Pyrgos,ElisGreece. It is located near the Ionian Sea, at the foot of a low hill. It is 1 km south of Skafidia, 3 km west of Skourochori, 4 km northeast of Katakolo and 10 km west of Pyrgos town centre.

Leventochori is a picturesque village with small tavernas and a beautiful sandy beach approx. 500 m from the village.

The name of the village was given, according to oral tradition, the following way: the first settlement (even before the village) was created by two families. When the question of the name of the settlement arose, which had now expanded, conflict was created between the two families, and each claimed their surname to be given. The solution was finally presented by a passerby hosted by an old woman, who with the spirit of compromise suggested they not give a specific name, as both families had this in common, they were open, hospitable and brave, and to name it “Leventochori” (village of the brave lads).

“O Menino e o Mundo” to open 17th Olympia Festival


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Olympia Festival

 Alê Abreu’s O Menino e o Mundo / The Boy and the World uniquely visual animated film is to open 17th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People and 14th Camera Zianio.
The Boy and the World is a extraordinary animation with many artistic techniques, portraying the issues of the modern world through the eyes of a child. Suffering from the lack of the father, a boy leaves his village and discovers a fantastic world dominated by animal-machines and strange beings.
The premiere of Alê Abreu’s film in Greece will take place on Sunday 30 November, 2014 in Pyrgos of Ilia and in 10 cities of the Perfecture of Ilia at the same time.
O Menino e o Mundo sweeps awards at Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2014, Cuiabá Film and Video Festival 2014 , Mill Valley Film Festival 2014, Seattle International Film Festival 2014, Shanghai…

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