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The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus – programme 2014


programme 2014

epidauros theatre

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus aims to highlight and promote the work of young artists and to present contemporary trends in dance, music and theatre through the invitation of, and collaboration with interesting artists and performance companies.

Getting There

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is situated within the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, in the Argolis prefecture of the Peloponnese. It is a half-hour drive from Nafplio and approximately three hours from Katakolon.




National Theatre of Greece – Lydia Koniordou

Hippolytus by Euripides
25-26 July, 21:00

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
This year, the tragedy will be directed by Lydia Koniordou in the ancient theatre, where the main roles will be played by herself, Leda Protopsalti, Nikos Kouris, Themis Panou, Sarantis Michalis, Phaedon Kastris, Evgenia Apostolou, Noni Ioannidou, et al.


Roula Pateraki

War Manifesto (Part I)
25-26 July, 21:30

Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus
Based on The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides A project directed by Roula Pateraki based on the classic work by Thucydides which narrates the events of the catastrophic war between Athens and Sparta (431-404 BC). The play is in three parts, and is expected to be performed over three consecutive festivals (2014-2016).


National Theatre of Greece – Yiannis Kakleas

The Frogs by Aristophanes
1-2 August, 21:00

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
What can save the city? The momentum of modernisation or the grandeur of the past? Euripides or Aeschylus? Realism or the supernatural? The dilemma posed by Aristophanes in The Frogs takes centre stage in Yiannis Kakleas’ production, which examines the importance of art in times of transition such as ours. The power of art, the poorness of modern critique, theatre as an artistic and political act, comprise elements of a performance that explores new theatrical forms and the value of verse, while demonstrating the timelessness of Aristophanes’ quandary.


Theatro Domatiou – Angela Brouskou

The Bacchae by Euripides
8-9 August, 21:00

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
Armed with a powerful cast and a willingness to take directorial risks, Angela Brouskou takes on the Bacchae (405 BC) in Giorgos Cheimonas’ translation. The adversaries, Dionysus and Pentheas, are played respectively by Aglaia Pappa and Aristeidis Servetalis.

The performance is presented in Greek, with english subtitles


State Theatre of Nothern Greece – Nikaiti Kontouri

The Persians by Aeschylus
15-16 August, 21:00

Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
In the wake of her Trojan Women, Nikaiti Kontouri returns with another anti-war tragedy, this time with male protagonists played by Giannis Fertis, Akis Sakellariou and Lazaros Georgakopoulos.