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Katakolon shopping

Thalassashop -Souvenirs made in Greece

(next to the church opposite the square)

For every traveller who visits Katakolon, ThalassaShop offers the opportunity to take home unique handmade souvenirs as a sweet holiday reminder or to present to loved ones.

katakolon souvenir shop

Take your time to browse the pottery & ceramics hand crafted by local artists. Find a variety of practical and decorative products made ​​in the region of particularly distinctive taste and low price.

the potter's wheel

The olive tree is considered a gift from the Gods to humans and is the symbol of peace, wisdom, victory, fertility and longevity.

You will find traditional functional products made from olive wood (cutting boards, spoons, cups, and much more). All made ​​by hand, they are known for their beauty, antibacterial properties and durability in time.

made in greece

Also available is the Extra Virgin bottled olive oil of the local “Koroneiki” variety; a valuable asset with beneficial properties.

Natural cosmetic products based on organic olive oil and Greek herbs.

ThalassaShop, located right next to St. Nicholas church, remains distinct and is characterized by the “MADE IN GREECE” label.