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A modern athlos through the traces of a legend


olympian race

aethlios 2014

Aethlios was the first king of Elis in ancient Olympia. He was the son of Zeus and Protogeinia. After Hercules, it is stated that Aethlios continues to protect the Races at Olympia.

From his name derive the words athlete, athlos … to define for ever the endeavour of man to surpass his natural powers.


Starting on Friday16th May 2014 at 14:30Ancient Stadium of Nemea

Finishing on Saturday17th May 2014, no later than 18:30Ancient Stadium of Olympia

Total length of race 180km28hrs duration, non-stop.

Total length of race 180km,


62 Km Race

will take place alongside with Olympian Race and with

common start and route 62 Km race. The race will follow the route from

the  Ancient stadium of Nemea to Levidi and will have a duration of 10 hours.