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street markets near katakolon

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The place to find cheap underwear, socks, plastic tablecloths by the metre , clothing, accessories, household items, furniture, toys and trinkets and whatever else you might have thought of or not.

Before setting off on your treasure hunt, make sure you have memorized the Greek word “laiki” (pronounced  la-i-kí),people’s market,  since you may need directions from some local, otherwise, you will be lost in a labyrinth of streets and alleys. Or better yet, just follow the women carrying the plastic bags or pulling the stuffed shopping trolleys.

On arrival, make sure you first visit the clothing and shoe stands. I don’t know if you are as much into shoes as I am but, believe me, trying to find a matching pair of shoes at a Greek street market will give you an adrenalin rush ten times more than buying a pair in a shop! The ultimate shopping therapy experience!

I once remember having found the PERFECT right high heeled shoe. It took me, with no exaggeration, another  hour to find the left one in an enormous pile of jumble. Exhausted, but totally satisfied with my purchase, I had spent a mere 5€.


Next, head for the clothing stands where the merchants try to attract customers with what seems as a shouting contest. Don’t be surprised when you see them literally standing on their goods. If you want to try something on, don’t expect fancy changing rooms. You can do so right there and then. A personal tip, get your friends to encircle you as to avoid gazing eyes.

If “fashion” is not your thing, then head for the fruit and vegetable section where you can pick up the fresh local ingredients for your Greek salad.


Where and when you may find this ultimate shopping experience

Amaliada :

  • 24.53Km – approximately 26 minutes from Katakolon, towards Patras
  •  Every Saturday, location is sign posted (just follow signs, or ask)
  •  Morning hours, 08.00 – 13.00

Pyrgos :

  • 13.66Km – approximately 17 minutes from Katakolon
  •  Every Wednesday, location alternates, near the old Xystri factory (Zaimi street) or at the  roundabout which locals refer to as “dexameni”.
  •  Morning hours, 08.00 – 13.00