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Behind the picturesque harbour of Katakolo, lies the beach of Agios Andreas. Its unique landscape is composed of small bays of wild rocks,clear blue sea water and pine trees that stretch out to the sea. Above the sea, overlooking the islet of Ichthis or Tiganonisi and Zakynthos, is Kastro.

Agios Andreas is a nascent settlement that lies in the northwestern part of the Ichthis peninsula. It is situated in the pine cove of Ancient Pheia, which is described as possessing ’outstanding natural beauty ‘. It is located 13 kilometers northwest of Pyrgos, and just 2 km from the port of Katakolo. It owes its name to the icon and the ruins of the old church dedicated to Andrew the Apostle (who is said to have passed from the place on his apostolic course). The church was built on the ruins of an ancient temple, which was rebuilt in 1930.

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