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Agios Andreas

(1.98 km – approx. 4 mins from Katakolon)

Behind the picturesque harbor of Katakolo is the beach of Agios Andreas, with its small coves, sharp rocks, blue green waters and pine trees that come right down to the sea making it a unique landscape.

The beach of Agios Andreas charms the visitor and especially divers, since its sea-floor has been described as magical. Watch the locals to see how and where they get into the sea in order to avoid the stones. This beach is nice for families with young children too as the rocks in front of the beach form the boundaries of a natural swimming pool. This was the location of ancient Pheia, the harbor of ancient Olympia. In the past many locals found ancient coins and remains of amphorae attached to the rocks.

At the Kastro beach seafront bar, a sea breeze will accompany you as you enjoy delicious snacks.

Agios Andreas Beach