the kafeneion

the greek kafeneion

In many villages you will see the traditional Greek coffee-houses, one of the oldest gastronomic institutions in Greece. This is the place where the older Greek men spent most of their waking hours. They go to the kafeneion and play cards, backgammon with friends, or simply sit alone with their thoughts. Traditionally kafeneia serve gritty Greek coffee, ouzo or coupa (a water-glass filled with the local wine). When the village clock strikes 12, as if by mutual agreement, all start to order their ouzo, preparing their taste buds for the lunch which is going to follow. As for the decor, well, it’s non existent.

In the authentic Greek villages, women are not supposed to go there. If they do, they will start gossiping in the village. This doesn’t mean that women are weak-willed. There is a saying in Greek which says that the man is the head of the family, but the woman is the neck and she turns the head in whatever direction she wants!


the kafeneio



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